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Content Creation

When a business is great at what they do, it shouldn't be expected to be amazing at marketing, too. That's what marketing companies are for! One of the most essential parts of having a beautiful website is having wonderful content within its pages. This is where Content Creation comes to life.

Content Creation can be a funny thing. At first thought, many businesses think that this will be the easiest part of creating their business and filling out their websites. It's easy to visualize what would belong on the pages: what a company does, where it's located, a little bit about its history. Done, right? Wrong!

Content Creation takes the principles of Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, and puts them together to create optimal content that will be found, seen, and enjoyed by potential new customers. The key to efficient Content Creation is to know what type of information the potential audience will benefit from, then to work backwards from what search engines look for to fill in the the pages with optimal content.

It isn't uncommon for business owners to think that this is the part of their website creation that they should do personally. After all, this is the part of all of this work that the consumers will see, and it only makes sense that the business owners that have put so much work into developing the company be responsible for expressing their value to the world, right? This is also not true!

There are a few reasons why Content Creation isn't quite as simple as it sounds. For starters, any business person that has been intimately involved in the creation of his or her website is likely going to be incredibly emotionally involved in the project. This is great for the project itself, but it can leave blinders on when it comes to seeing what people that aren't involved will enjoy. Additionally, there are rules in the world of search engine algorithms by which a business can inadvertently break or misuse, which can impose significant penalties and loss of business in the long run.

Content writers know the rules, and good ones will work to take everything you want to say and transform it into beautiful words of art. The team at eClarity can help you understand how great Content Creation can benefit your business. Contact us today so we can talk!

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