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27. December, 2016 |

Hi Joshua, Nice post on responsive website design. All advantages are useful and informative. Nowadays different size of screens like a...


24. October, 2016 |

These play a vital role in making the user experience more suitable as well as improving the page ranking in google as suggested by...


04. October, 2016 |

Some excellent points here. Responsive web design is indeed a need for every online businesses these days. People don’t want to view...


01. September, 2016 |

Responsive design is a must and should look good on a phone or tablet as quite a few themes do not. page speed is important so there is a...


04. July, 2016 |

Thanks for sharing this informative topic on advantages of Responsive website design. Responsive website can run in all screen sizes that...


29. April, 2016 |

Great post! very useful tips for website designing.
thanks for sharing


18. April, 2016 |

Awesome Post ....Thanks For Sharing

Magento Developer

28. December, 2015 |

There are so many advantages. Mobile responsive is become a trend now. Responsive layout gives you less bounce rate, more traffic,...

Amit Patel

23. November, 2015 |

Good article Joshua. No doubt that responsive design have many benefits which can convert in a better business. But one thing we need to...


18. November, 2015 |

Fantastic web designing tips!! Helpful for improving business.

Why Should Business Owners Pay Attention to Google?

Because Google Says You Should

Why Should Business Owners Pay Attention to Google?

Google is still is the top search engine in the world in spite of tough competitors like Yahoo! and Bing. In fact, Google has become so much a part of our everyday lives that searching for something online is often referred to as 'googling.'

But Google offers far more than a search engine. For business owners and marketers, Google+ is a product that bears a lot of importance. Understanding how it affects your site's rankings will put you ahead of the competition, especially when not too many people are aware of the connection.

Folks are quick to dismiss Google+ as just another social network. Jokes have been said about how it's like a graveyard due to its low number of active users, but Google is setting out to change that. Businesses that make Google+ a priority enjoy these benefits:

  • Hangouts: Reaching out to your target market just became much easier than ever before thanks to the video chat app called Hangouts. You can talk to up to 10 people at once, so hosting several sessions to tap different people makes for a great marketing move. Better yet, sessions can be recorded and made viewable to the public on your YouTube channel. Everything is integrated, so you catch a wider audience for far less effort.

  • SEO and Indexing: It makes sense for Google to prioritize businesses that use Google+ as their main marketing platform. Thus, if you're active on Google+, you can expect your site to boost its ranking in search results. You can further utilize Google+ to your advantage by using hashtags (e.g. #thisisahashtag), enabling users to find you through specific keywords.

  • Content Authorship: When you've developed a reputation as an authority figure within your niche, more people will be naturally drawn to your business. But how can you build that reputation? Linking all the content you create to your Google+ account helps a lot. When people search for a topic related to your niche, your content will appear in search results with a thumbnail of your pic plus a link to your Google+ profile.

In terms of online marketing, the best thing you can do for your business is to focus on Google+. Now that Google is intent on promoting Google+ as the next biggest social networking site, you want to be there to ride on Google's efforts toward greater success.

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Corey Johnson

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