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27. December, 2016 |

Hi Joshua, Nice post on responsive website design. All advantages are useful and informative. Nowadays different size of screens like a...


24. October, 2016 |

These play a vital role in making the user experience more suitable as well as improving the page ranking in google as suggested by...


04. October, 2016 |

Some excellent points here. Responsive web design is indeed a need for every online businesses these days. People don’t want to view...


01. September, 2016 |

Responsive design is a must and should look good on a phone or tablet as quite a few themes do not. page speed is important so there is a...


04. July, 2016 |

Thanks for sharing this informative topic on advantages of Responsive website design. Responsive website can run in all screen sizes that...


29. April, 2016 |

Great post! very useful tips for website designing.
thanks for sharing


18. April, 2016 |

Awesome Post ....Thanks For Sharing

Magento Developer

28. December, 2015 |

There are so many advantages. Mobile responsive is become a trend now. Responsive layout gives you less bounce rate, more traffic,...

Amit Patel

23. November, 2015 |

Good article Joshua. No doubt that responsive design have many benefits which can convert in a better business. But one thing we need to...


18. November, 2015 |

Fantastic web designing tips!! Helpful for improving business.

Mobile Analytics

Website analytics directly on your mobile device

Here at eClarity we enjoy working with open-source solutions as much as possible. One of the pieces of software we use regularly for analyzing website traffic and SEO is the open-source google analytics alternative Piwik. This highly valuable piece of software allows for great insight into your website's marketing efforts.

We can now offer our clients who have purchased website analytics from us the ability to access your data from your IPhone, IPad, Or Android device. Someone curious how many visitors your website had last month, no problem just log-in to your analytics dashboard on the spot and get the information you need.

Having tools that analyze your website traffic, bounoe rate, average time on a page, etc can be invaluable when trying to increase the amount of visitors to your site. Being able to access this data anywhere directly from your mobile device gives you unprecedented control over the direction of your website.

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